7 Tips on How to Write an Application Letter for a Job Vacancy

7 Tips on How to Write an Application Letter for a Job Vacancy

Work plays not the last place in the life of any person, and we spent a lot of time at work. To earn good money and get pleasure from the work you do it is crucial to find not only a source of income but an occupation that will bring you pleasure as well. After you have decided to find a job the primary question that arises in your mind is: How to write an application letter? It is no wonder because this type of letter is a tool that can help to convince a person responsible for hiring employees that you are the right candidate for some particular job vacancy. We would like to help you by giving useful tips that can help you to write a high-quality and correct application letter.

An application letter for a job vacancy will be the first communication between you and your future boss or manager. Be sure that an employer will definitely judge you on your application letter, so we highly recommend to check the guide on how to write a job application letter.

You should start writing such important document with the clear understanding that the competition may be tough. Your document must stand out because usually, employers look through hundreds of job application letters for one position. Compose an application letter correctly, and you will have high chances to get a position of your dream. Your CV should be a short and comprehensive summary of your education, work history, qualifications, and other specific details.

These seven tips will assist you in writing a perfect job application letter

Use the tips we have gathered for you to write well thought out and competent application letter. Note all the tips and apply our advice to your letter and you will be invited for a job interview for sure. Are you ready to learn secrets of perfect application letter? Our tips are even better than a sample of job application letter.

1. State your contact info at the top of the application letter

The contact info must be found by your potential employer easily and quickly. So, first of all, you need to check if you have the correct letterhead before you write an application letter. Please note that you should include as much contact info as possible. It is important to write the following contact details:

•    Your full name

•    Email

•    Residential address and contact phone number

•    Personal website (if you have such)

•    LinkedIn/Facebook profile (If they are applicable for your vacancy)

2. Write down employer`s title and name

You should remember that it is crucial writing down in your application letter for job vacancy the employer`s name and title, as well as a company name. In such a way, your future director or manager will see that you are good at writing composed documents. One more benefit you will get from this is the broader knowledge about this specific company. You can be sure that the prospective boss will appreciate that you are interested in the company.

Keep in mind! There are situations when the name and correct title of the hiring manager cannot be found at free access. So, we advise you to make a small research on such social networks as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

3. Express your primary interest in the very first abstract

It is obvious that your application letter will not be the only application document read by an employer, so a person who is looking for employees and have a lot of applications, will read them very quickly. Therefore, the structure of the document and the information at the very beginning can decide the future of your application letter. There two possible outcomes: an employer will invite you for an interview or put it the letter in the trash. The second option is definitely not what you are waiting for.

Give preference to a declarative statement that will inform a hiring manager will know what has attracted you to this particular vacancy.

Keep in mind! Be always precise and short.

4. Inform your future boss about the source of information about this job vacancy

We recommend you to write down what is your source of info about this particular vacancy (newspaper or magazine, job website, friend’s recommendation or another source)

5. State exactly what will make you the best choice for this position

There is nothing complicated. The answer is very simple. A company is a system/team that lacks one particular element (employee), and you are the person who can fit this place and make the system/team work more effectively and in unison.

Keep in mind! Before you assure your prospective manager that you are the person they are looking for, check the list of experiences and accomplishments carefully. Express a couple of examples which will indicate that you really suit this job vacancy. If you have a statistics or any figures, you definitely should provide your employer with them.

6. Make a review of your skills and experience

A list of your skills, abilities, qualification, and experience will make your prospective boss sure that the company will only benefit if it will hire such a qualified and experienced person as you. You must assure the management of the company that you will fit the position perfectly.

Keep in mind! Include to your application letter only relevant and appropriate features of your career. Mention other fields of your interest if they are directly related to this particular job vacancy.

We have come to the end of the document. At the end of this application document, write a short summary (a couple of sentences will be enough) explaining why you should get this job. We advise you to put yourself in the hiring manager`s place, imagine what would capture your attention. Explain him/her briefly how your work will bring benefit to the company.

7. Finish your application letter correctly

Ask to call you back or write an email. Thank a hiring manager for his/her attention and write that you would praise the opportunity to continue further communication about the position.

Keep in mind! Never beg or push the hiring manager to contact you to check one more time that you are suitable for this position. It is better to express hidden self-confidence and inform a manager that you are open to further communication.

We hope that our tips will be helpful enough and you will be able to compose a competitive application. We wish you good luck!

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