The Freelance Photographer’s Guide to Perception Management

The Freelance Photographer’s Guide to Perception Management

Photographers, more often than not, are freelancers. They rely either on stock photography websites to provide them a passive income, or they work on a client-to-client basis. There are very few companies out there who can afford to keep a photographer on for long-term, which is why every photographer needs to work on their perception management. Unlike with many other industries, however, a complete wipe of your online presence isn’t recommended. Your art is your advertisement, so managing your perception, while still being active, is a key balance that you need to master in order to attract new clients.

1. Delete Old Accounts

Old accounts are not geared nor were they created to help you advertise your craft. They also likely have not been used in a few years at least. These two reasons are why you need to delete them immediately to help manage your client’s perception of you. People are incredibly internet-savvy today, and are likely to search you up online. Deleting your old accounts can help keep your online identity professional. It is also an excellent tactic to help keep you secure online. 

2. Clean Up Your Current Accounts

Just as you should delete your old accounts, you should also aim to clean up your current accounts. This is even more important for client perception, because these current accounts are likely what they will find you from. So, go through old posts and clean it up so only professional, beautiful images remain.

Tip: If you have any posts that could hurt your character, delete them immediately. Never underestimate the lengths someone will go to when searching someone else online, and once one client finds the old tweets you posted when you were young and stupid, you’ll have a lot of damage control to undertake.

3. Stay Professional Throughout

Your words, your opinions, and your photography should stay professional everywhere you are on the internet. If you want to have personal information up to share with your friends, keep it private and increase your security settings so that your clients won’t be able to see your personal information or even find your personal accounts online.

4. Stay Consistent Throughout

The hidden aspect of professionalism is consistency. That is why you need to stay consistently active on social media, and provide consistent service to your clients. That is why when your flash drives (SD cards or even your memory stick) becomes corrupt, you need to do your best to recover your images. These images are not only your product, they are your advertisement. Don’t lose a day of shooting or worse, a vacation’s stock photos, and instead try out this flash drive data recovery service first. Your photos are your livelihood, so try everything you can to recover them when they have become corrupted.

Being a photographer allows you the freedom to go wherever you want, and the marketing content to make you a huge internet success (both with fans and with clients), but this fame can also be your downfall. That is why you need to clean up your appearance online so that clients can only see your talent and professionalism, not who you were as a teenager. 

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